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Our Mission.

We value quality above all else.  With every release we strive for improvement and are will to go to great lengths to push past our previous limits.


We create anime and video game based experiences that include but aren't limited to interactive games, passive free roam environments, video and pictures.  The focus is on VR, but PC releases are available as well. *Check out or public content.*


Striving for premium content comes at a premium cost.  80% of patreon pledges are reinvestd into the studio. This funding goes towards New Characters, New Outfits, Animation, Voice Acting, Sound Design and FX, Programming, Set Design, Game Optimization and Graphic Enhancements.  Your support directly effects the quality of the next release and how fast we're able to improve.

Galactic VRA

Roam around the gigantic 1,500 ft space station.

Complete Redesign

We've taken the simplistic design of the original space station & expanded it into an eloborate grouping of themed areas.

3 main sections

The station consist of an inner dome, middle ring and outter ring which delivers on a familiar but uniquely sci-fi design.

Graphics and Scale

The size has been increased 20 fold from the original and a professional modeler was brought in to insure the highest quality and attention to detail.

Inner Dome

The inner dome serves as the lounge where characters gather to relax and enjoy a show. The center of the dome features a bar that completely encirles a raised stage.

Middle Ring

The middle ring is a place to drop in to kill some time with a few mini games and some shopping.

Outer Ring

The outer ring holds 12 huge themed areas. Themes include groupings of characters, like the dungeon for the RWBY Trainer, the video game section, a forest for anthro characters, etc.

Huntress Hole

The community voted main project involving interactive BDSM gameplay with characters from RWBY.


Online Buzz

Reviews of our content have popped up in a few articles online!

Got a thing for anime characters? There are plenty of big-eyed girls and boys to virtually bang.

Chris Barraclough Recombu

I highly recommend checking out his Patreon, especially if you are looking for a custom adult VR experiences.

TrexxxVR VR Pron

The level of immersion is truly remarkable.

HardVR VR Porn

This subtle build-up of anticipation is a trademark of VRAnimeTed’s style and testifies to the great care and attention that goes into his editing process. Everything from the camera angles to the musical accompaniment all act as precision instruments in his work.

HardVR VR Porn

His sexy series of 3D erotica just keeps on expanding with new models and scenes being released every week.

HardVR VR Porn

We experienced a huge influx of new users for Christmas

Dieter Holger VR Scout

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